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Aries Horoscope Today (19-03-2019)

Spend your money wisely, Aries. You have an option where you can spend your hard earned rupee. You can help with money to people whose values you respect? Your little help can grow their business. If you feel so inspire share your thoughts to the society. kindness will beget kindness. You can donate your time instead of money if you don't have much money to donate to the society. Even an hour can make a change in someone's life.

Moon is transiting through your Sign, and Venus’ influence over it is likely to keep you in a romantic mood at the beginning of the week. However, retrograde Mercury and combust Jupiter may bring in a tough time. If married, preserving harmony in marital life may not be easy; be as calm as you can. If single, obstacles and challenges in career may keep you so engaged that you may hardly be interested in getting into a relationship. And just in case you are inclined to going around with someone, you may not at all want to commit as of now. At office, you will be expected to improve your skills as well as work extra hours. Furthermore, with Ketu and Saturn in your 10th House, you may face some more hurdles on your career path. Ganesha says, don’t run away from them- jump over and prove that you are a fighter. Luckily for you, Sun moves into Sagittarius over the weekend and it is likely to carry in some positivity in your life.

The earnings are good this month, the expenses will be much higher. There will be joy and happiness in the house but there will be some problem in the body. Meeting favored friends will prove beneficial. Success in new work will be achieved. The journey will be small but beneficial. The paused money will be received only by making you happy again. Be conscious of health.

This year the placement of Saturn in your 10th House suggests that it would not be advisable for you to make any drastic changes in your life. Also, try to be consistent in whatever you do, as you tend to put your best foot forward, but sooner or later tend to get dejected for some reason or the other and slacken your pace. Pursue what you wish to achieve with single-mindedness, without wavering, and you shall be rewarded. When it comes to financial matters, this year you should keep a tight fist. Do not blow up your hard-earned money on things you do not immediately need. This thrift will have to be maintained throughout the year in order to keep your financial situation stable. If you have been planning to hop jobs, Ganesha advises you to banish the idea and stay put where you are. During the second half of the year, the planets are likely to favour you. There is growth foreseen on the professional front, marriage is on the cards, and relationships will improve, provided you mind your language. Also, you will have to devote more time to your near and dear ones, and avoid confiding your deepest feelings to people other than long-standing well-wishers.

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